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Dong-Woo Suh

Founding professor (Honorary member)

Sir Harry Bhadeshia

Ph.D. student

Won Tae Cho

Mn containing damping steels

Chang Jae Yu

Microstructure control of UHSS

Seok Hwan Joo

Precipitation behavior of Nb depending on the process condtion

Ho Hyeong Lee

Complex phase sheet steels

Seok Hwan Hong

Ultra-high strength automotive steels

Jae Joon Jeong

High strength, low CTE alloys

MS student

Young-Uk Wi

Heat resistance steel for power generator

Gaeul Lee

Formability of advanced high strength steels

Seong Ha Son

Ultra-high strength plate steels for defense application

Seong Hoon Koh

High strength, high toughness plate steels

Yong Seok Jung

High strength, low CTE alloys

Yong Uk Lee

Advanced high strength steels

Won Sik Choi

To be determined

Jae Hoon Park

To de determined