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Dong-Woo Suh

Founding professor (Honorary member)

Sir Harry Bhadeshia

Ph.D. student

Seong Hoon Kim

Quantitative modeling of alloying effect in the ferrite formation

Min Hyeok Kwon

Modeling of internal oxidation in AHSS

Ji Hoon Kim

Microstructure contril in medium Mn steels

A In Hwang

Hydrogen embrittlement in UHSS

Kang Mook Ryu

Hydrogen behavior in FAFM steels

Hong Beon Lee

Optimzation of mechanical properties in ultra0high bainitic steels

Dae Geon lee

Influence of Nb on hydrogen embrittlement in high strength steels

Gui Young Gu

Ultra-high strength martensitic steels

Won Tae Cho

Mn containing damping steels

Chang Jae Yu

Oxidation and decarburization in AHSS

MS student

Seak Hwan Joo

Precipitation behavior of Nb depending on the process condtion

Kyu Nam Ahn

Nb added hot rolled steels